Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hardly Strictly Gonerfest

Yikes I never post anymore I know. I am back from NYC and Memphis. Hit up Bluegrass Fest and Gonerfest. I also recently saw The Black Lips at GAMH, Morrissey at The Filmore, and am going to Josh Ritter on Wed. New Radiohead - awesome, Britney- sad, Pocket Pigs - awesome, Giant Russian Cats- scary. Whew..... now we are all caught up.

Oh yeah and Iran on SNL was hilarious:

Here are my albums from Hardly Strictly and my Memphis- NYC Trip:
Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Fest 2007

Memphis NYC Trip

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Bourdain Blogs about Top Chef

WTF?? How did I not know sooner that Anthony Bourdain has an ongoing blog on the Bravo site where he recaps each episode of Top Chef??? His run down of last week was so right on, I nearly pissed my pants when he called Madonna's brother an asshat.

Finished the "Nasty Bits" a while ago and almost liked it more than "Kitchen Confidential" it is a collection of various stories he has written for magazines and stuff over the years, great travel read.

So I will end this by reposting a pic of me, Joe, and Bourdain from his book signing at The Ferry Building last year.

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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Oh Deanna!!!!!!

Last night's Grinderman show at Slim's was amazing. First set was of all Grinderman songs and was awesome. I heard rumors that last night at Great American he did an encore of all Bad Seeds songs so I was pretty stoked. The band sounded great and Nick Cave was in top form dancing around and interacting with the audience. Jim Sclavunos was almost unrecognizable with a giant beard, looking more like a railway hobo than the skinny slicked back hair drummer from The Cramps, but it was awesome.

When they came out for their encore they did a classic Bad Seeds set including: "Red Right Hand" "Tupelo" "The Weeping Song" and "Henry Lee". People were going nuts so I knew they would come out for another set.

I was secretly hoping they would play "Deanna" as it is my favorite Bad Seeds song. Little did I know it would be better than I expected. Earlier in the night Jello Biafra squeezed past me to move to the side of the stage so I knew he was in the house. But the audience was in for a real treat when the band returned to the stage with Henry Rollins and Jello and launched into an awesome rendition of Deanna with Henry and Jello on backup vocals. It was the perfect ending, and the kind of moment you always hope for at a rock show...

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Beautiful Sorta ?

Quick Review of the Ryan Adams show at the Berkeley Community Theater:

So I heard before I got there Ryan was walking down the aisles and in the lobby asking for requests from the audience. I wondered who he asked because it didn't seem like he played any of em. The majority of his set was from Cold Roses which is not my fav of his albums. He only played three tracks from Easy Tiger (Two, Goodnight Rose, I Taught Myself How to Grow Old). He was rather chatty and playful with the crowd talking up his love of Cheeze-Its and his new boxer briefs riding up his butt. I heard in the day before at the SF show he didnt talk to the crowd once and played a shorter set. The band sounded great and his voice was good, it was just a really weird venue and I was kinda disappointed by his choice of songs. However, the end of the show did pack a pretty mean punch with "I See Monsters", "Beautiful Sorta" and "Shakedown On 9th Street".

Stereogum has a nice blurb on the show and if you look in the comments you may see some additional tidbits on the show from me.


Sunday, July 15, 2007

Simpsons do Fashion, Rufus sings with Jake

I love the marketing that is going on for The Simpsons movie. First making actual Kwik-E- Marts, Simpsons Off The Wall Vans, and now Simpsons in Harpers rocking the latest fall designer fashions. I seriously might be one of the few peeps in the very small cross demographic that loves both The Simpsons and follows the Fall runway shows. Check it out here.

Also finally the video of Rufus Wainwright in NYC singing "Between My Legs" with Jake Gyllenhal doing the spoken word part. Too much hotness for one stage.

Bummed I can't see Rufus at the Nob Hill Masonic Center, I will be in SD. Just got back from a great show at Stern Grove with Os Mutantes and Los Amigos Invisibles. Coming up for me Kiki and Herb 7/17, Ryan Adams at Berkeley Community Theater 7/24, and Grinderman at Slims 7/27.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Sgt. Pepper Must Die!

This is one of the most entertaining music articles I have read recently. Check it out from the Guardian (UK). I have to admit I am dating a Beatles hater, and as a Beatles fan I really dislike Sgt. Pepper's and who better to sum it up than Billy Childish. I love all of these blurbs , just cause something is considered a "seminal" album doesn't mean it is for everyone. I love The Doors and Pink Floyd ones too, cause both are things I never have really loved or gotten into even after four years at UCSB and growing up in SoCal. I just wish someone would have done a Bob Marley one...

Pipettes was cute and fun, but nothin crazy awesome. I loved Smoosh though they are so little and talented. They covered Bloc Party's "This Modern Love" which was awesome. There is something about a 13 year old girl singing "I'll pay for you anytime" that is a little wrong though :)

Upcoming Shows:
7/6- Slim Cessna's Auto Club at 12 Galaxies
7/12 Black Lips at Popscene
7/27 Grinderman at Slim's

I am liking the Long Blondes cd kinda like Pulp mixed with Elastica and DHC.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Still recovering from the Arcade Fire show

Wow what an awesome night. I couldn't have been happier got to hang out with a lot of good friends and dance my butt off right in front of the stage. Didn't get back until 6am. I wish I was partying hard all night, however I passed out at around 2:00 at a friends place and had to leave because their cats were giving me an allergy attack.

I went to a pre-release party for the new Rufus Wainwright CD, Release the Stars, a while ago and have been loving it for months. How did I not hear that "Tulsa" is about a tryst he had with Brandon Flowers?? Wow it doesn't get much hotter than that :)

And apparently this is the fat guy in the green shirt from the song. Check it out photographic evidence in his myspace pics.

Anyways, I am excited for LCD this Friday and the Pipettes next week. Any Memphis suggestions are welcome as I think I will be going to Goner Fest with Joe at the end of Sept.

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